The Best Start to the Day

TLIB, 8:22:16 FI

On Sunday morning, two bleary eyed parents quickly fed their kids breakfast, got them dressed, and headed to the lake in the early hours of the day. For it was the most perfect, beautiful morning.

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The In Between


Nine years ago, 215 pounds, I went to a Weight Watchets meeting and that became my jam. The in between from my before to my after was smooth, and fairly short-lived.

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Not My Style

TLIB, 8:18:16 FI

  I get an A+ in effort when it comes to filling the kids days with “meaningful” activities.

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The Fourth Trimester Closing

TLIB, 8:11:16 FI

Maybe it is because he is my third. Maybe it is because he was a blessed surprise. Maybe I am just older and wiser.

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Well That Got Real


Some weeks (ok, most – most weeks) I feel like I am on some crazy roller coaster and find myself spit off the ride, into Saturday. Like what happened this week? Um. All the highs, dips and twists!

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Life Right Now: Mornings

TLIB, 6:28:16 FI

Most mornings I wake between 4:00 and 4:30 for work. Camden wakes for a feeding between between 4:00 and 5:00, and then typically goes back to sleep until 9:00

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A Big Baptism Weekend

TLIB, 6:27:16 FI

Most days I feel like I am kind of failing as a parent. But then I look at all the love the boys are surrounded by, and I realize that I am actually doing this whole parenting thing right.

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The Thens and Nows

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When I launched this blog, I did so because I was inspired after reading The Happiness Project to do more of what makes me happy. The blog opened an outlet for me to write. And gave me a chance to reflect on life’s lovely little moments that bring happiness to my life. Double happy points.

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Presence Practice

TLIB, 7:21:16 FI

When you are constantly pulled in 7,000 different directions, it feels impossible to stay present. To appreciate what is happening before your very eyes. How the sun feels on your face. To take note of what your children say to each other as they play.

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To Marketfest We Go

TLIB, 7:16:16 FI

  I was born in Virginia, moved to Las Vegas when I was six, and moved to Minnesota when I was fifteen. But Minnesota has always been home. Even when I was living in Iowa during college, and in California as a newlywed.

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Taking Away the Crutch

TLIB, 6:13:16 FI

Camden is 11 weeks old today. I went back to work when Wrigkey was 11 weeks old. 14 weeks with Parker. Those weeks leading up to my return were stressful, despite my attempt to not fuss over the reality.

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