On from 4 to 5


For the entire month of September I had one project that kept floating from one day to the next. Never crossed off. Take Camden’s four month pictures.

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The Unknown Blessing


Yesterday afternoon, an hour away from completing my 12 hour workday, I got a call from Dan to wrap up. His car had died, and him and Wrigley needed to be picked up.

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A Fallicious Sunday


Sundays during the fall are the best. The sun is shining, but the breeze is cool. The mosquitos are gone. Football is on. And outside of hitting up a Sunday Runday, all signs point to – lazy!

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Work, Sleep, Repeat


We had one of our two biggest bundles of the year launch at work on Wednesday, and oh boy. I always forget.

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Reality Check


Yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks. Too tired. Too overwhelmed. Too burnt-out. Too depleted.

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Here & There


It was another one of those weekends where we were just busy with life. Nothing crazy,Β just the chaos that comes with life with three little dudes.Β 

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Life Uniform


When I was working in higher ed, I dreamed of ditching my business wardrobe for nothing but gym attire. And now that gym attire is my #alldayerrday, I have come to learn that while it is awesome, you often kind of, sort of, mostly feel like a schlep.

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Back to Preschool


Yesterday Wrigley began his second, and last, year of preschool. Only this time he was the nervous one, and I was as cool as a cucumber.

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Monday Night Out


Yesterday my in-laws decided to extend their stay by one more night, which worked out perfectly as my sister-in-law was swinging through town for the night.

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Sweet Sweet Freedom


This weekend something crazy, epic, awesome happened.   And it didn’t involve the kids.

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Sicks be Gone


I am going to strike a deal with 2016. Not sure how much it is going to cost. But I must find a persuasive bargain. My request? No more doctor’s offices for the REST. OF. THE. YEAR.

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They See Us Rolling


Dan I really love biking. A lot. But our kids, despite our attempts, do not.

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