Make Pop, Cake Pop


This week has been a game changer in so many ways (ah thank you life reset and My Morning Routine). One of my favorite changes has been my three day limitation on gym time.

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It is ironic – while this is a chaotic and tiring time of our lives, I constantly find myself begging my brain to remember so many moments from the day.

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Life Right Now Is


Brothers reading to each other all the time. My heart exploding every time. And Parker telling Camden not to touch the books. Some times.

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Whole Life – 30


Ever since Dan returned to work from his paternity leave, I felt as if I am in survival mode. Ping ponging from one happening to the next. Always adding more to my schedule and to-do list. Going to bed late. Waking up early. Pushing to do more, more, more.

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Seasons & Milestones


The funny thing about littles ones, it is hard to remember them at any point other than the one they are currently in. I know Wrigley and Parker were once Camden’s age, and once wore the very clothes he now wears, and yet I can’t grasp the memories to prove it.

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Friday Feels


I keep thinking that we are unusually busy. Feeling unusually exhausted. But this week I realized, we are just in that chapter of life.

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Breathing Deep


Yesterday was one of those days where you find yourself constantly tilting your chin up to the sky, closing your eyes, and breathing deep. Where you have unintentionally escaped reality, hit the pause button on life, and enjoyed a sliver of the slow and quiet.

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A Sweet & Sunny Saturday


Minnesota slays in late September and early October. I mean really truly crushes the meaning of the phrase, “it is a beautiful day”.

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On from 4 to 5


For the entire month of September I had one project that kept floating from one day to the next. Never crossed off. Take Camden’s four month pictures.

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The Unknown Blessing


Yesterday afternoon, an hour away from completing my 12 hour workday, I got a call from Dan to wrap up. His car had died, and him and Wrigley needed to be picked up.

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